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Our Managed Facebook Advertising Service for Realtors

Impress your homeowner with a results-guaranteed ad campaign where you can target a specific audience.
We do everything for you. .

We create the ad

We create the ad campaign
and target audiences

We set goals

We start the ad campaign

We monitor the ad campaign
to achieve the goals

We give you regular status updates
via a report you can send to your client

Your DRE-compliant ad will keep running until we meet, or exceed the agreed upon goals.
The targeting capabilities of Facebook are exceptional.This is some of the targeting criteria we can use to get your clients home in front of potential Buyers:


Age range

Income range


Interests (ex. golf, antiques,
hiking ,trails, beaches,
boating, fishing, shopping, wine)

Here’s how our Service works.
Set the goals for the ad campaign Choose from two levels of guaranteed results:

4K Package ($299)
4,000 ad impressions to the target audiences
1,000 views of the 10-sec video
50 clicks to the property web site
10K Package ($599)
10,000 impressions
2,500 10-sec video views
125 click throughs
We will discuss with you to determine the target audiences.
We do the rest
When would you use a Facebook ad campaign?
New Listing Lightening Launch
Advertise your new listing when it hits the market. You determine how long the campaign should run. We can achieve the goals quickly, or you can specify the campaign duration (such as 21 days).
Market Revive
For those listings that have been on the market for awhile and the Seller is getting anxious. Show the Seller that you are committed to selling their home by choosing either the 4K or 10K exposure package.
Price reduction
(preparing to ask for one and marketing of it) If you have a listing that needs a market adjustment, we can run an exposure campaign for a week so we can help you show your Seller an adjustment is needed. We will pause the ad campaign and then start the ad campaign again after the price is adjusted. When you ask the Seller for the price adjustment, you can also commit to running an ad campaign to promote the newly-priced home.